MFVA Board Nominates  New Board Members

The following members of the Maine film community have been nominated by the MFVA Board of Directors to a seat on the board beginning January 1, 2017:

allisoncooperAllison Cooper
Allison Cooper is Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Cinema Studies at Bowdoin College, where she teaches courses on Italian cinema from neorealism through to the present day. Her recent publications include articles on the films Certi bambini (Andrea and Antonio Frazzi, 2004) and Romanzo criminale (Michele Placido, 2005). She is currently at work on Modern Rome between the Sacred and the Profane, a book-length analysis of filmic representations of Rome and their treatment of the city’s dual identity as capital of the Catholic Church and capital of the Italian state.

Role Within the MFV: The MFVA presents those of us who are passionate about cinema with a variety of opportunities to become familiar with each other’s work, to exchange ideas, and to continue our education in all things film related. Serving on the board of such a vibrant organization would be an honor and a wonderful opportunity for me. As a film scholar working at an institution looking to develop its curriculum in film production, I would value getting to know local filmmakers, learning more about the industry in Maine, and looking for ways in which Bowdoin and the MVFA might collaborate to support Maine filmmakers and their art. 

 Neil Shelley
Neil Shelley is a film director, cinematographer, writer, editor and an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro. Neil currently teaches various film courses in the New Media department at the University in Maine and  Maine Media Workshops and College.
Role within MFVA: Neil hopes to utilize his teaching experience to cultivate and grow the interest of filmmaking within the state of Maine by sharing various technical knowledge in an inviting and simplistic approach. Maine’s small but passionate film community can utilize technological advancements to broaden the many opportunities within the world of film.

mauricioMauricio Handler
Mauricio Handler is a professional land and marine wildlife filmmaker and expedition leader whose documentary company, Aquaterrafilms, produces Ultra High Definition content for stock, documentaries and commercial use.  He was for many years part of the premier underwater photography team at National Geographic Magazine.
Role within MFVA: “I see myself being able to bring together all PAID members in the MFVA via social media, maintaining, monitoring and developing visual communications via Facebook and Instagram.  This monitoring could be done from anywhere in the world, so this contribution to the association should not be impacted by travel.  I would also like to develop more technical and creative workshops for our members to keep all at the forefront of technology and help them develop a creative edge. “

John Fireman
John Received a BA in Film Studies from Yale University after which he went to work as story editor for New Line Cinema, as well as directing and producing independent film projects (his documentary work has been called “very Funny” by the NYTimes’ art critic Holland Cotter).  He received and MFA from the Maine College of Art, and is now teaching in MECA’s New Media Department.
Role in the MFVA: Having moved directly from New York City straight to Peaks Island, John is inspired by the dedicated grassroots ambition of a wealth of talented Maine-based filmmakers. Maine is in the process of carving out its identity as filmmaking resource and there is no time more exciting to get involved with driving the culture and economy of film production and exhibition in Maine.

jim-boutinJim Boutin
Operational product management executive with a background in broadcasting, creative production software and equipment manufacturing. Experienced project manager leading the construction of television studio and outside broadcast mobile facilities. Natural history camera work.

Role in the MFVA: MFVA serves to advance the quality of filmmaking and video production by Maine artists. Social networking, training and professional advocacy are key elements to a successful professional organization. I look forward to bringing my industry organizational and business skills to the association.

marie-chaoMarie Chao
Marie spent a decade as a camera assistant and operator on hit TV shows like The Mentalist, My Name is Earl, CSI NY, Dirt, cult fave The Comeback, and Tosh.O.  An award-winning filmmaker whose film FEVER won acclaims in international film festivals, Marie is currently developing her feature film, a crime thriller set in small town New England.
Role in the MFVA: Marie is a social media and website wiz and will be a great asset in helping the MFVA communicate with our constituency.


mimi-edmundsMimi Edmunds
As a broadcast journalist with CBS for 15 years, including eleven at 60 Minutes, and at CBS’s documentary unit, she then worked at PBS, the Discovery Network, in Maryland, Washington, and Arizona. Her films have won Emmy nominations and Cable awards.  She has taught at the Maine Media Workshops since 1986 and is currently an Adjunct Professor in Journalism at Emerson College in Boston.
Role in the MFVA: As an educator, Mimi will bring solid teaching credentials to bear on workshops she will lead primarily focused on the story.  “Any medium today,” Mimi says, “that wants to have an effect not only has to engage its audience, but encourage them to probe deeper for answers that explain more than sensationalize.  Films and video along with virtual and interactive media need to serve as well as inspire.”