Call for Submissions:
2018 MFA Member Showcase


The Maine Film Association seeks submissions of MFA Members' work to be included in its 2018 MFA Member Showcase.

All MFA Members–professionals, students, production companies, hobbyists–are encouraged to submit their work to be showcased through MFA avenues. We welcome submissions of all kinds: live action or animated, commercial, documentary, short films, feature-length film trailers–you name it!

The first annual MFA Member Showcase aims to highlight the diversity of MFA Members' work through an array of platforms:

  • At the 2018 MFA Annual Meeting: Six (6) submissions will be chosen to be showcased to the membership at the 2018 MFA Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 3, with a brief presentation by the filmmaker. We intend to select videos that demonstrate the diversity of work our members are making.
  • Through the MFA Member Showcase Vimeo Channel: we're building a Vimeo channel of our members' work that demonstrates the filmmaking talent in Maine. We'll share and promote the videos through all of our social media channels and e-News editions.
  • At MFA Happy Hours throughout 2019: We'll host happy hours over the course of 2019, and plan to provide brief programs at many of them, including opportunities for members' work to be presented and discussed.

The Process:

  • MFA Members can submit a SINGULAR piece of work (trailer, clip, short, commercial, etc.) that is a maximum of 5 minutes in length and would receive a G, PG, PG-13, or R rating as a film. We will not accept demo reels. Members may submit up to 3 separate pieces of work for consideration, and should not hesitate to submit a piece of work that is in the ballpark of 5 minutes. (We want to be able to showcase 6 members within 1 hour during the Annual Meeting, and plan to designate 10 minutes per presenter for screening and discussion.)
  • The MFA Program Committee will select works to be presented at the 2018 MFA Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 3, that portray the diversity of the work produced by Maine filmmakers. (We have not established “categories” for the submissions as we continue to discover the wide array of work our members are producing.)
  • Filmmakers selected to showcase their work at the 2018 MFA Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 3, MUST be in attendance to present their work to the membership. Filmmakers will have 5 minutes to show their short/clip/trailer/commercial, and 5 minutes to discuss their work. The MFA Program Committee will send presentation prompts to the presenting filmmakers after reviewing their work.
  • If MFA Member works are not selected for the in-person showcase on November 3, we plan to showcase works to our digital and event audiences over the coming year!

To submit your work to be part of the 2018 MFA Member Showcase, please:

  • Create a digitally shareable file of your 5-minute piece.
  • Complete this submission form for each piece of work on or before 11:59 pm on Sunday, October 7.

This is our first year conducting a Member Showcase; thank you in advance for your patience with us as we develop the best processes, requirements, and selection method to highlight the great work of our membership. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact MFA Staff Liz Hall at