2020 MFA Virtual Postproduction Bootcamp

Wednesday, June 17, 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Zoom Video Conference
Cost: FREE!

The MFA’s 2020 Postproduction Bootcamp, originally a daylong in-person workshop, has been re-envisioned as a multi-day virtual workshop and independent editing project, guided by experienced film editors.

The MFA Virtual Postproduction Bootcamp will provide participants with a hands-on film editing experience using DaVinci Resolve and other state-of-the-art editing tools to produce a short film, created entirely by Maine Film Association bootcamp participants.

The Virtual Postproduction Bootcamp is open to all those interested in learning how to edit film, and will be most beneficial to novice and amateur filmmakers. It will take place over the following dates:

June 17, 2–4 pm: Edit Training via Zoom
June 24: Submit Rough Cuts to Mentors
June 26: Critiques and feedbacks given for rough cuts
June 10: Followup Training via Zoom

This bootcamp is currently full. If you’re interested in joining our waitlist, please email us at info@mainefilm.org.

Postproduction Bootcamp Instructor: Neil Shelley, Multimedia Artist, Instructor, and Producer
Neil Shelley works professionally as a digital imaging technician, drone operator, editor, and colorist. His resume includes a wide variety of feature films, documentaries, commercials, and branded content. Neil is a Davinci Resolve Certified Expert and Trainer, as well as Maine’s only Adobe Premiere Pro CC Certified Expert.

Postproduction Bootcamp Preparation:

  • To take full advantage of this bootcamp, participants should download and familiarize themselves with the free version of DaVinci Resolve prior to June 17.
  • Participants should come prepared to edit film at a personal workstation, and should read this Postproduction Bootcamp Background Resources packet prior to June 17, and have a foundational knowledge of the enclosed vocabulary and concepts.
  • The Virtual Production Bootcamp is free and open to all those interested in learning about the film production process, and will be most beneficial to novice and amateur filmmakers/editors.