Audio For Video Workshop
Agenda & Reference Materials

A 2-part Virtual Workshop:
NOW March 22 & 29, 2022
via Zoom

$25 MFA Members
$50 Non-members

– What to Bring –

  • Please wear earbuds or headphones during the workshop for best sound quality!

– Workshop Agenda –

Part I: NOW March 22, 7-9pm, via Zoom

  • Introductions
  • Review of Audio Field Equipment
  • Recording Location Sound
  • Media Critique: Using What We’ve Learned
  • Q&A // Wrap

Find/provide 3 examples of media to critique. Add files to
this Google Drive folder.

Part II: NOW March 29, 5-7pm, via Zoom

  • Media Critique: Review media assembled from homework
  • Processing Audio in Post
  • Review of Sample Recordings/Media
  • Preproduction – Production – Postproduction Symbiosis
  • Best Practices for Audio Tech & Specs
  • Editing Demo
  • Q&A // Wrap

Zoom Link & Dial-In –

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Meeting ID: 837 2548 9021     Passcode: 347304
Need to dial in for Zoom audio?  +1 929 205 6099

– Audio Resources & Reference Materials –

Check out these useful resources for additional information about recording audio:

WATCH: What Setting Up Sound on a Film Set Looks Like, from Javier Mercedes

READ: Location Sound: The Basics and Beyond, by Dan Brockett,

WATCH: Boompole Positions | Crash Course in Location Sound with Ric Viers, from RØDE

WATCH: URSA Radio Mic Tips & Tricks, from URSA Straps (series of 7 videos)

WATCH: Reduce Echo and Reverb with Sound Blankets, from Curtis Judd

WATCH: Behind the Scene with Sound Mixer Dan McCoy CAS | URSA Exclusive, from URSA Straps

CHECK OUT: A working sound mixer’s website – Henri Rapp Recording

CHECK OUT: Top 11 Best Shotgun Microphones On The Market In 2022, by Arthur Fox,

REFER TO: R128 Loudness Normalisation and Permitted Maximum Level of Audio Signals, EBU Recommendation


Questions about the workshop? Email the MFA at!

About the Instructor
Matthew Fletcher, Post Supervisor & Online Colorist, Lone Wolf Media
Matt Fletcher has worked as an independent producer, editor, colorist, post supervisor, videographer, and location sound mixer. His projects include solo journalism, branded content, commercials, direct web content, independent film, music videos, live production and network documentaries and docudramas. Matt considers himself to be a very well rounded media creator who is comfortable in almost any production role and loves collaboration. He started his career working in public television and developing his DBA, House Productions. When his son was born, Matt moved into a full time position at Lone Wolf Media. Currently, he works as the post supervisor and online editor/colorist; balancing family, work, freelance and personal development.