Call for Submissions:
Antidote Collaborative Film Project


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: AntidoteMaine Stories from the 2020 Pandemic.

Life in the time of COVID means something different to everyone. It could be the daily struggle (or fun) of coming up with new games and activities to delight kids stuck at home. It might be digitally connecting with family members near and far, some of whom you haven’t spoken with in years. It could be adapting to working from home, or adjusting to a toilet paper substitute, or finally organizing a decade’s worth of photos, or realizing that the 24/7 company of your spouse and children is proving challenging, or making dozens of protective masks for those in need. It could be working on the front lines to help care for, feed, and protect our most vulnerable. And, it could be creating a short film to document what life in the time of COVID means to you. 

The Maine Film Association (MFA) is pleased to announce a collaborative community film project to capture this point in history: Antidote – Maine Stories from the 2020 Pandemic.

Antidote will be a compilation of a variety of works that document the Maine experience during the COVID-19 crisis, created by Maine-based filmmakers. Antidote will be shared with audiences far and wide via MFA news, virtual screenings, and social media. Other options for television broadcast and possible theatrical screenings in a post-pandemic world are being explored.

We welcome short film submissions from Maine filmmakers of all skill levels, backgrounds, and specialties. Submissions can be of any genre, portraying some aspect of the pandemic. We encourage filmmakers across the state to share perspectives and stories that capture this unprecedented moment in world history, be they documentation of the challenges/heartache/boredom/personal joys or achievements resulting from the crisis and sheltering in place, fictional stories spawned from the creative mindspace that social isolation may provide, video diary entries, cat videos, or other entertaining musings that spring from this trying time. Help us capture this moment in history, as seen through your perspective as a filmmaker!

Submission Guidelines:

  • We are now accepting entries on a rolling basis! Submit your short film today!
  • Film submissions should be appropriate for all audiences on broadcast television and should be non-commercial.
  • The Maine Film Association reserves the right to select Antidote submissions to include in television broadcasts and to distribute through its communications channels.
  • Short films should be 30-180 seconds in duration.
  • Films must be in a 16:9 horizontal ratio in HD resolution. We will not accept vertical phone videos. Any file format is acceptable but send along the best quality you can.
  • Films can be shot on any kind of camera-- no special equipment needed. iPhones to Red cameras or anything in between are acceptable!
  • Entries can be a one-shot film or edited piece. Please note: the film you submit will be considered in its final format-- Antidote producers will not edit submitted films aside from compiling them.
  • Submissions cannot contain any unlicensed copyrighted content.
  • We implore Antidote filmmakers to use their best judgement to keep themselves and others safe while creating their films: observe social distancing guidelines, do not disrupt essential workers’ work, and be responsible.
  • Questions? Please contact the Maine Film Association at

Filmmakers submitting to the Antidote Collaborative Film Project reserve all rights to their original work, and have the right to distribute their short film submission to other festivals, film competitions, and share it with their community.

To submit your short film to be included in the Antidote Collaborative Film Project, please complete the brief form below. Once MFA staff have received the information for your submission, they will email you with a link to upload your file.

Questions? Please contact the Maine Film Association at