Antidote Collaborative Film Project



ANTIDOTE: Maine Stories from the 2020 Pandemic. from Maine Film Association on Vimeo.

ANTIDOTE short films include:

  • Visual Quarantine Diary - April 19th 2020, Sam Brosnan - Director
  • BabyC News, Jessica Jones, Director/Editor
  • Beach Visit, Lavinia Dube
  • New York Strong, Lesley MacVane photography, Andrew Abbott Audio
  • Juniper's Finger, Robert Nixon Director, Juniper Nixon Actor
  • Descent into reality, Denise Shannon
  • Effects of COVID-19 on Rangeley Maine, Fletcher Della Valle
  • Playing Indoors, Jeshua Soucy
  • 5-2020: Yes, It's Real, Al Kryszak: Director, Writer, Photographer
  • Nonessential, Jasper Lowe - Filmmaker
  • Twinkle, Sharyn Paul Brusie ~ Director, Producer, Writer, Editor. Kevin Brusie ~ Camera
  • Pruning your World, Jim Merkel
  • Seek and find, Yoon S. Byun
  • Eight Weeks, Stacey Koloski (DP, original illustrations, stop motion animation, editing)
  • 2020: A Class Dismissed, Bailey Beltramo, Host & Producer | Meg Robbins, Director | Dan Dinsmore, Executive Producer | Eric Bailey, Editor
  • You gotta do Something, Geoffrey Leighton, Anita Clearfield, LumenArrts, Regan Chase, Tina Davidson
  • F.O.D. , Adam Fisher: Director, Animator, Editor