Announcing the 2022 Winter Film Challenge Films


Thurs., 2/3 @ 8PM: Kickoff
Feb. 3-6: make great films
Sun., 2/6 @ 8PM: Drop Off

In February 2022, teams of filmmakers from across Maine braved the winter chill to write, shoot, and edit original short films in only 72 hours. Assigned a requisite prop (playing cards), line of dialogue (“It’s not what it looks like”), and genre, the teams tackled this creative challenge to produce 20 unique visual stories.

Congratulations to all of the 2022 MFA Winter Film Challenge awardees and participating teams! For opportunities to view the 2022 program at a theater near you, check out the MFA events calendar.

2022 films and awards include:

Love Is A Dog
A lonely woman stalks an Instagram influencer, but who really is the object of her desire?
Winner of Best Film, Best Direction, and Best Acting

A brother and sister’s quiet trip quickly turns sinister all because of a simple game.
Winner of Fan Favorite and Best Use of Line of Dialogue

Laurel Ave
In this dreamy tale, a woman questions truth, friendship and fidelity.
Winner of Best Cinematography

High Stakes
A robbery goes horribly wrong for a group of criminals, and now their lives and freedom hang in the balance.
Winner of Best Editing

In a viral video competition, a group of parents battle it out to see whose child will be the next “TalkTok” star.
Winner of Best Writing

Queen of Hearts
Follow one man’s journey to collect a full deck of cards, but on the way he discovers romance as well.
Winner of Best Music and Best Use of Prop

Cinema Absentia
In her latest creative endeavour, an eccentric artist questions why movies need to be heard or even seen to be appreciated.

Rose and Maisie Go On A Hike
Rose and Maisie head into nature in search of a viral moment, and discover new depths in their relationship.

The Seventh Showing
A new-to-the-job realtor prepares for a house showing.

Unpaid Interns and the Goblin’s Curse
Two butting-heads interns must work together to battle goblins and other unnatural forces.

Road Trip
A family learns to connect and communicate with one another while on a ski trip. 

The Queen of Hearts
Set in the 1940s, a young women defies societal expectations by proclaiming her truth and love.

I Love Chicken
Detective Richard Ruff is on the case for a missing chicken, but is this job too delicious to handle?

Telenova Tales
In this classic melodramatic romp, a love triangle turns violent when true love is professed. 

The Fae
A party gets some unexpected guests who seem out of this world.

Foul Play
After a disastrous failure, a hired gun must prove her loyalty with her next mark.

The Snack Club unites to enjoy a sweet caper, but something important is missing…

Four Card Draw
A routine tarot card reading becomes ominous when the customer knows more about the past than she should.