Maine Film & Video Production Economic Impact Report


– special thanks to Judy Beedle for report cover image –

The Maine film & video production industry generates an annual total economic impact exceeding $64 million.
In Fall 2021, the Maine Film Association conducted a statewide survey of film and video production professionals to gauge the economic impact of the sector on Maine’s economy. The survey collected 2019 industry revenue and expense data from a total of 128 Maine-based film and production entities: 38 companies and 90 freelance production professionals/independent filmmakers.

The study found that the Maine film and video production industry has a direct economic impact of $29.25 million in revenue, supports 312 full- and part-time jobs, and generates $16.1 million in direct labor income. The film industry’s impact on other sectors in the state– hospitality, retail, trades, legal, accounting services, etc. – result in a total economic impact of $64.3 million in revenue, 609 full- and part-time jobs, and generates $28.7 million in labor income.

Film and video production employs skilled workers who are trained in the creative arts and who possess technical skills that make them competitive in today’s labor force. The Maine film and video production sector comprises over 40 production companies and more than 200 freelance/independent filmmakers operating out of the state. These companies and professionals work in all stages and aspects of media production, creating and distributing feature length and short, narrative and documentary, commercial and educational film and video, multimedia installations, and animation.

– OUR VIEW: The Maine Media Industry is Ripe for Growth! –

Growing the Maine film and video production industry is a worthy investment. Shifts in media production that include increasing opportunities to work remotely, strong demand for editorial and digital professionals (jobs that can be done from anywhere), and trends towards virtual production position Maine as a desirable base for production companies and freelancers alike.

Although the body known as the Maine Film Commission may be disbanded, few if any Hollywood films have been filmed here of late, and Maine offers only limited tax incentives for media production, commercial and artistic film production employs over 300 individuals in Maine and makes a direct annual economic impact of over $29.25 million. The U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics projects a 29% job outlook growth in the film industry from 2020-2030. Imagine the potential for Maine industry growth if our policies, infrastructure, and incentives fostered an environment that enticed young, creative, and tech-savvy professionals to come to or remain here to work in the film industry!

Maine has the opportunity to create an environment that fosters growth within this innovative workforce, an environment that will entice young, creative, and tech-savvy professionals to come to Maine and offer exciting reasons for Maine’s own talent to stay.