MFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program

About the Maine Film Association Fiscal Sponsorship Program

The Maine Film Association (MFA) Fiscal Sponsorship Program (FSP) is designed and administered to provide our members access to funding that can be applied to and used for all aspects of their film or mixed-media projects — from development to preproduction, into production and postproduction, and continuing through distribution.

The MFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program serves our members who are working in the areas of independent narrative, documentary, experimental, and multi-media on projects of variable length and at any stage in their development and/or production cycle.

The MFA FSP supports new media projects and alternative visual storytelling avenues including interactive media, AR/VR 360 installations, large venue projection display, podcasts, and Maine-based film festivals.

MFA Fiscal Sponsorship applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

MFA Fiscal Sponsorship is a contractual agreement between the Maine Film Association, an existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and an individual or entity that has not yet obtained IRS approval of its tax-exempt status or which, in some instances, does not have nonprofit status.

Nonprofit legal status allows an individual filmmaker or production entity to receive grants and/or direct funding from foundations, individual donors, and government agencies. MFA members who are independent filmmakers and content creators will find this to be the key reason to seek and receive MFA Fiscal Sponsorship.

Participation in the MFA FSP  affords to your financial backers and your crowdfunding campaign donors opportunities to make tax-deductible contributions in support of your project, and affords to you an opportunity to apply for state funding as well as federal government grants from organizations like the National Endowment of the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The MFA promotes recipient projects through featured articles in its e-News, updates through its social media outlets, as well as providing access to and support from our network of industry professionals.

Additional benefits of MFA Fiscal Sponsorship include filmmaker and community networking events, continuing education opportunities, Maine’s most comprehensive online filmmaking resource, and a host of cinema screenings and industry panel discussions.

As the Fiscal Sponsorship Program partner, the MFA provides basic donation administration, oversight, and distribution of funds.

In exchange for FSP administrative, technical, and creative services, the MFA collects a 5% administrative fee from all contributions received through the program and intended for disbursement to selected individuals and entities for appropriate exempt purposes.

As the 501(c)(3) Fiscal Sponsor, the Maine Film Association assumes no ownership rights and will not infringe on a producer’s creative control or copyright, or prevent a producer from future sales or profiting from an MFA FSP project that qualifies for funding by MFA consistent with MFA’s charitable purposes.

The MFA has a legal and fiduciary responsibility to financially monitor a selected project for the purpose to ensure that donated funds are properly disbursed and used for the project as approved.

MFA shall hold itself to be timely in the distribution of the aforementioned donated funds .

An applicant must be a current MFA member to apply for MFA fiscal sponsorship.

Please gather the required application materials and submit them through our online application form.

  1. A project description, which includes a brief story summary and a statement describing in detail how the project advances the charitable mission and purposes of the Maine Film Association.
  2. A one-page creative statement, which includes a topic summary, artistic approach, and current project stage.
  3. A proposed completion timeline.
  4. The project budget, attached to the application as a PDF. Please review standard AICP and PGA form and line items.
  5. A list of key creative and technical personnel. Please provide a short paragraph bio for each key creative team member and a list of committed advisers or consultants.
  6. A sample of previously completed work. This may be from the producer and/or director’s prior work.
  7. (Optional) If available, a 2-3 minute edited sample excerpt of the applicant’s proposed project.
  8. A brief description and outline of the project fundraising strategy.
  9. Intended audience, marketing strategy, and proposed vehicles of distribution.
  10. A non-refundable application fee of $45.**

** All applicants to the MFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program are required to be current MFA Members. The application fee is waived for MFA Business Members.

Please review the MFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program Required Application Materials, outlined above, and the Application Policies & Criteria, outlined below, prior to beginning your application.

General MFA Fiscal Sponsorship Application Policies & Criteria

The Maine Film Association will consider fiscal sponsorship for filmmakers and projects that are consistent with and advance the charitable purposes of the Maine Film Association to promote film production in the State of Maine and which meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Some or all aspects of the film or media project are filmed in Maine.
  • The subject of the primary narrative, documentary, reality, or non-linear story is Maine-based.
  • The primary applicant and/or a member of the creative team is based in Maine.

 An applicant meeting the foregoing criteria must be a current member of the Maine Film Association to apply for fiscal sponsorship. Beyond that…

  • The individual filmmaker or entity project may be in any stage of development, production, or postproduction.
  • The individual filmmaker or entity may solicit donations in the form of grants from public agencies, foundations, corporations, or individual donors including fundraising benefits, provided that all funds will be contributed to the Maine Film Association for disbursement in accordance with the standards set forth in the MFA’s fiscal sponsorship program as described in this document.
  • The IRS requires that an entity receiving funding through the MFA’s fiscal sponsorship program must have an employer identification number (EIN), or that an individual receiving funding must have a social security number (SSN) or an independent taxpayer identification number (ITIN).
  • The proposed project should have a fundraising strategy and a defined target and a deadline to raise sufficient funds for completion.
  • Budgets must be in a standard line item form, and reflect industry norms and rates for services rendered.

The MFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program provides our members a unique pathway toward project funding and development. Your application materials, including your written proposal and budget, will show us how you plan to make that happen.

Please review the MFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program Required Application Materials and Application Policies & Criteria, outlined above, prior to beginning your application.

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*Application fee is waived for MFA Business Members.

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