Member Spotlight: Portland Media Center


Portland Media Center logoPortland Media Center (PMC) has generously supported the MFA as a Feature Business Member and event site for our programs since last fall.

We caught up with PMC Executive Director Tom Handel in May 2018 to learn more about this media hub and what kinds of PMC resources MFA Members should be sure to utilize:

Tell us a bit about the PMC and the role it plays in Maine’s filmmaking community.
Portland Media Center is a great place for people just starting out making videos to take some basic classes and get started producing their own videos. We have a fully equipped studio, field production equipment and Adobe Premiere editing suites. If we like you’re idea, you can use our equipment to produce your video and we’ll air it.

Why is it important to PMC to support the MFA and our work?
MFA offers great workshops on filmmaking at a variety of levels. It’s important for people who get involved with PMC to have access to this kind of top quality production training. Moreover, it’s important for our volunteers and producers to get to know and network with professionals, so that they can learn what the field is like, make some connections and maybe even work together.

You have a great studio space at PMC. How can MFA members use the studio, or any of the resources offered by PMC?
If someone wants to produce a video that will air on our station and we like the idea, our equipment and facilities are free after going through our certifications process (training, orientation, picture ID, etc.). If the production is for other uses, we have a very reasonable fee schedule for renting our studio and equipment.

What should MFA members know about PMC?
PMC is a place where people who want to produce their own TV shows help each other. The host of one show might operate a camera for another person’s show. With over 16 programs produced here each month, these volunteers/producers, by helping each other, have become a community. Many of them come in with an idea they want to get on the air, but then wind up enjoying the production process for its own sake. They genuinely enjoy making each others dreams come true. We invite anyone at any level of production expertise to join this community!

MFA Events at Portland Media Center

MFA has held its annual meeting, multiple workshops, and a Making It in Maine filmmaker panel discussion at PMC.

Thank you to PMC for their strong support of MFA’s education and networking efforts!

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