Member Spotlight:
Storm Warriors International


Storm Warriors International logoStorm Warriors International has been a Marquee Business Member of the MFA since November 2017, generously supporting theMFA's mission to make Maine a great place to live and work as a filmmaker.

We recently caught up with Storm Warriors International staff to learn more about their work, and how their support of the MFA helps them to grow their organization and better serve the causes they work to highlight.

Tell us a bit about the Storm Warriors International and the work you're doing in the film industry.
Storm Warriors engages with the rescue, recovery, restoration, and relief of those in crisis by partnering with local nonprofit organizations involved with crucial humanitarian services. We gift those organizations with promotional media tools that help increase their impact, improve outcomes and tell their stories for social good–all at no charge.

Storm Warriors International is helping a lot of nonprofits through the power of visual storytelling. How did this organization come to be?
Storm Warriors Founder Jon Nappa published an historical fiction novel called Storm Warriors in 2007.  It told a story inspired by true events surrounding the invention of the unsinkable English lifeboat. The book inspired many to want to learn how to become modern day storm warriors, but didn't know where to start.  Jon, determined to help people become better informed about real-life storms, developed the international organization.

In 2017, Storm Warriors International was established in Camden, fitted and launched with chart, compass, and map along with a committed crew of Storm Warrior Advisors and board members. We are currently working with The Center for Grieving Children, Partners For World Health, Just Love, The Midcoast Recovery Coalition, and One Community Many Voices. Anyone can nominate a nonprofit organization to receive free promotional tools by following the nominating procedures found on our website.

Why is it important to Storm Warriors to support the MFA and its work?
We know there are talented filmmakers in Maine, and we want to help cultivate a creative stable of filmmakers around the state. The Maine Film Association is a logical partner, providing a source of and conduit to such creatives. We send our staff to MFA workshops in order to keep production skills sharp, and may be sponsoring some future workshops through the MFA to help creatives gain insights into researching, writing, and producing for nonprofits.

We know Storm Warriors is looking for more filmmakers to help tell stories for important causes. What kinds of film professionals are you looking to have join your ranks?
Storm Warriors is always looking for talented producers, camera operators, storytellers and, of course, passionate volunteers who are looking to give back to the community.

What else should MFA Members and film professionals know about Storm Warriors?
Storm Warriors' goal is to promote and support worthy nonprofit organizations who are making a positive, needful impact. The more awareness brought to these humanitarian crises, the more support and aid can be supplied to fighting for vital causes. People can help by contributing to the services that SWI provides, and by discovering and getting involved with one or more of the organizations that SWI supports. Spread the word and check out the SWI client website for additional ways and additional issues where you can help!

Thank you to Storm Warriors International for their strong support of the MFA!

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Published July 2018.