Virtual Workshop Series:
Mobile Phone Filmmaking

Saturday, February 20, 2021, 1–4pm
Virtual, via Zoom Video Conference
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Out of the box, the mobile phone in your pocket is lightweight, portable, and convenient. It’s a powerful and fully automatic creative tool. The MFA Mobile Phone Filmmaking Workshop introduces apps and techniques designed to take your mobile filmmaking to the next level; getting out of “auto” mode, taking control, and creating cinematic images. The class assists you in making creative decisions, and in understanding how those decisions will impact your visual story and your audience.

The workshop breaks down into two parts: Part 1 takes participants through the what and why of camera essentials and then moves to the how by utilizing the FilMic Pro app. We use this powerful cinema tool, exploring its functions in a series of guided hands-on demonstrations and in-class exercises. Part 2 applies these cinematic features and styles, reinforcing the strategies and practices that are the foundation of a compelling visual story.

The class is production oriented, and students will be assigned to create, shoot, and edit their own project which will be presented and critiqued.

The workshop will move at a solid clip. Prior to class, participants are asked to download and explore the basics of FilMic Pro, and watch the tutorial links provided.

About the Instructor

Neil Shelley, Filmmaker, Multimedia Artist, , and Adjunct Professor University of Maine-Orono 
Neil Shelley works professionally as a digital imaging technician, drone operator, editor, and colorist. His resume includes a wide variety of feature films, documentaries, commercials, and branded content. Neil is a Davinci Resolve Certified Expert and Trainer, as well as Maine’s only Adobe Premiere Pro CC Certified Expert.

Workshop Registration

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Workshop Requirements

  1. A mobile phone with video (IPhone, Android, Galaxy, etc.)
  2. To purchase: FilMic Pro ($14.99, in the app store, as of Jan 6, 2021 v6.13.1 )