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SAVE THE DATE: 2020 MFA (virtual) Wrap Party

Join us on Wednesday, December 9, to hear from speakers about the current and future state of filmmaking in Maine, learn about upcoming MFA opportunities, and connect with colleagues from around the state!
WHAT: 2020 MFA (virtual) Wrap Party
WHEN: Wednesday, December 9, 7–8pm
RSVP: via Zoom


Maine-Made: “Carceral Humanism”

Portland poet, activist, and performer Abdul Ali and filmmaker Tim Ouillette have created a riveting 6-minute short film that is a contemplative reflection on racial injustice and societal constraints for people of color.

As Ali describes it, “The piece “Carceral Humanism”, is the comparison of what it feels like to grow up in a structurally racist and enclosed America. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Unless living inside of a colored person’s body, one may never understand.

“When the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, and I was quarantined. It gave me a sense of freedom. The freedom of not having to be the one watched or concentrated on. There’s something more serious than a person of color to watch out for.

“Being quarantined and confined in your home is the closest thing I could compare to living in a carceral state.”

Check out Dennis Perkins’ Portland Press Herald column about Ali and the film here, and view the film for free on YouTube.


Nov. 7 – 22: Maine Jewish Film Festival

The 2020 Maine Jewish Film Festival is in full swing, and celebrating 23 years by hosting a virtual festival so that film enthusiasts from near and far can watch their program from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Festival organizers have curated a program of 15 feature-length films, providing a selection of documentary, comedy, and drama for all tastes. Check out their program today, and get your tickets!

Nov. 11: Cinema in Conversation presents LA LLORONA (2020)

Railroad Square Cinema presents another edition of their Cinema in Conversation series at 7:30 pm. Join a conversation about the film with Director Jayro Bustamante, led by Ana Almeyda-Cohen and Tiffany Creegan Miller, Assistant Professors of Spanish at Bates College. Watch the film prior to the conversation on Shudder. Register for the discussion here.

Nov. 18: Cinema in Conversation presents BIG NIGHT

Jon Cavallero (Associate Professor of Film, Bates College) will lead a discussion about the film’s representation of Italian-American characters and how those characters conform to and resist Hollywood norms. Register for the conversation here. BIG NIGHT is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Virtual Screenings: Curated Collections

Maine movie houses continue to present virtual screenings of awesome documentaries, indie films, and fan favorites. Be sure to check out the selections curated by local establishments, and get renting today to support these great arts organizations:

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