Zamzam Elmoge, Student Representative

Student Board Representative

Zamzam came to America with her family in 2006 when she was four years old, and moved to Lewiston in 2008. As a student at Lewiston High School (Class of 2020), she founded the genzproject during her sophomore year when she was fifteen. She was able to get a lot of her friends to work on her first big film project, REASON 4369. Zamzam knew she wanted to be a filmmaker from a very young age–the idea of filmmaking alone just fascinated her. The genzproject 2019 working on its second film, BARAYUBAKA. After taking a gap year, Zamzam will attend Emerson College to major in Media Arts Production. Other than being a filmmaker, she is also an activist and spends most of her free time with leadership clubs/ activities. Being a leader and a film director are two of the many things that make up her identity.